Yvonne (southsidesister) wrote in flannelshirts,

The Ultimate Flannel Project

Alright. It took me long enough, but it's finally here: The Ultimate Flannel Project!! All the flannels Luke ever wore on Gilmore Girls!!

I started this about 2 years ago with ch19777, but somehow, we never continued, but it was always in the back of my mind and I kept the desire to finish it one day. So, a while back, I told kiara99 about it and she helped me finish it! At first it became my procrastination project. I would work on it when I was supposed to do school work, but now that school was over, I wanted to finish it completely, so here it is!!

It's about 99% accurate. There is the odd chance that we mismatched a shirt or we skipped a shirt. We had to work with caps that weren't always of good quality and we tried to use the best ones for the project. Also, the lighting on GG sucks, so often, when it looks like the flannels aren't the same one, look again. :D

Here are 56 sorted shirts and all the other outfits he wore sorted into groups.

The rest can be found at my journal here! Enjoy!
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