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flannelshirts is a community that brings people together to discuss the Luke/Lorelai relationship on the TV show, Gilmore Girls. All posts that follow the rules are absolutely welcome, and getting involved is key! We’re going to try and make this a very active community, so feel free to post at anytime. Like any community, we do have a few basic regulations, but this is just to keep everyone happy and things sane.

What You Can Post Here:
-Episode Analyzation
-Fanficiton Recs
-Other Fanart
-Mix CDs
-Luke/Lorelai News/Articles (behind a cut if it is in any way spoilery)

What You Can’t Post Here:
-Character bashing of ANY sorts
-One line posts
- "Squee!" posts with no sort of extra information

Basic Rules:
- Cut tags for any large images, potential spoilery information, long text.
- Be respectful of other people’s opinions.
- Don’t post ANY hate.

Friendly Mods, desuete & lauranobaka

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